Samuel Nelzy- Alpha Phi Alpha

"My name is Samuel Nelzy. I'm a 3rd year Sociology major from Gleeful Country, Broward County, Florida. My hobbies include listening to music, chilling, or going out. I look forward to leading the NPHC to becoming a more prominent organization on campus, one that is at the front of genuine interaction, activism, and scholarship. NPHC is important to me because I know the role is serves on our campus and I want to spread this to all who attend the University of Florida."



Alens Valentin- Alpha Phi Alpha

"I'm a 3rd year majoring in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. I'm from Orlanda, Florida. I look forward to building the community and being apart of the change I want to see alongside the organizations in the NPHC. I want to guide my committee chairs to give the campus the best NPHC experience."



Camille Okonkwo- Delta Sigma Theta

"I'm a 4th year Advertising major from Tallahassee, Florida. My hobbies include photography and graphic design. I'm excited to see the NPHC flourish this year and I would like to make sure that the newest members of the Greek community on campus are educated about our policies and feel welcomed with open arms."



Bailey Wingate- Delta Sigma Theta

"I'm a 4th year Journalism major from Valdosta, Georgia. My hobbies include reading, art, and social media. I'm excited to be Webmaster and Historian  and my goal this year is  to make sure the NPHC is well-represented through our website and social media pages. The NPHC is special to me because we are a family in a place where there aren't many people who look like us."



Pakenley Pierre- Alpha Phi Alpha

"I'm a 3rd year majoring in Information Systems. I'm a first generation student from Pompano Beach, Florida. I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and moved to America in 2005. I look forward to creating a stable fundraising system to help support our staple events. The value of Greek Unity between the Divine Nine organization is what makes the NPHC unique and different."



Jay Davis- Kappa Alpha Psi

"I am a 2nd year Wildlife Ecology and Conservation major from Tampa, Florida. Ever since I became enrolled at the University of Florida, I made sure my presence was felt on campus, socially as well as with my involvement. I am a charismatic and fun-loving person who is excited to fulfill my role as parliamentarian for the 2020 school year."